Who’s MeowMeow

A cyber-cat that consists of a cybernetic brain, a liquid metal frame and a bunch of artificial fur.

What does MeowMeow do?

MeowMeow provides pentest services

If you are looking for someone to pentest your website, MeowMeow can help at an affordable rate. This is usually the case for start-up projects that requires an one-off security check.

MeowMeow conducts security reviews

If you have a software design or security problem at hand, MeowMeow can provide some consulting service to you, such as threat modelling, secure development cycle, risk assessment & risk management etc.

MeowMeow creates pentest notes

There are many notes MeowMeow gathered during the previous pentests engagements/practices, they may become handy from time to time. But it would be more beneficial for you to create your own notes.

MeowMeow does CTF writeups

MeowMeow takes CTF challenges and creates writeups often. Some of the writeups are password protected; there is a hint of which password is required to unlock it.